On Vancouver Island, we take pride the natural wonders and landscape. We appreciate it with all of our senses, from the crisp smell of ocean salt to the sound of powerful waterfalls to humbling views of towering Douglas fir trees. 

An environmental awareness planted the seed for what would become for West Coast Contemporary style of homes. As a relatively new architectural style, there is not much history to be found. It appears to have started its development in West Vancouver between 1945 to 1975 in response to our rainforest climate and local landscapes. Innovation and a rejection of traditional styles was needed in order to adapt to rocky and irregular building sites. Nanaimo contractors and custom home builders have taken inspiration from this unique style of home design for the exteriors and interiors of the houses they construct. 

Grand entrances and open concepts inspire awe and give room to breathe. Exposed timbers bring to mind towering Douglas fir and cedar trees in our old growth forests. Geometric exterior silhouettes are reminiscent of cliffs overlooking gullies and oceans. Large windows let in ample natural light, and keep the outside world close to heart. Architectural designs work with the existing features of building site, making the home a part of the natural landscape. Local, renewable materials are often used wherever possible to minimize environmental impact. 

The West Coast contemporary style has strongly informed our timber frame homes at TS Williams Construction. As a custom home builder on Vancouver Island, we have an invested interest in beautiful island we are privileged to call home. We love being able to craft beautiful homes that communicate this architectural style that is unique to our area. The average cost starts at $225 per square foot to build a house in Nanaimo with TS Williams, and we are a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia.   

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In the video below, you can see the exteriors from some of the custom built homes currently in our portfolio. Do you have a favourite? 

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